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Reunion & Loop Fest Weekend
June    14-15    2024

60th - Class of 1964
50th - Class of 1974
40th - Class of 1984
30th - Class of 1994
20th - Class of 2004
10th - Class of 2014

55th - Class of 1969
45th - Class of 1979
35th - Class of 1989
25th - Class of 1999
15th - Class of 2009
  5th - Class of 2019


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About us...

We always welcome those who want to support our efforts and help with activities, especially the fundraising for scholarships, grants for teachers.

Empty Classroom

Shadyside High School was established in the early 1900's at the Central Avenue location where the OR&W Fire Station stands today.


It's about providing assistance to all our students through the grants to teachers/classrooms and recognizing several students each year who have worked and demonstrated a desire to attend additional education.

Graduation Girls

Alumni contributions have provided more than $300,000 in awarded scholarships over the past 28 years of the program.  

Great jobs Alumni, please keep helping and inspire others to contribute!

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